Posted on Jul 30, 2012 in Roseville and Sacramento Short Sale FAQs

Hello everyone my name is Mark Peek with Keller Williams Realty, your Roseville and Sacramento short sale specialist, thank you for your time today. I am working with Roseville and Sacramento homeowners every day to find their best option for avoiding foreclosure and use this blog to answer questions and keep homeowners informed on the ever changing Roseville and Sacramento real estate market. If you are having trouble paying your mortgage each month or have seen the value of your home greatly diminished take a minute to fill out the contact form on my website or call me today to learn how I can help you avoid foreclosure.

For my blog today I wanted to talk with Roseville and Sacramento homeowners who have a Seterus mortgage about their short sale options. I have been working with Seterus for a few years and recently had a success story involving a Roseville and Sacramento homeowner whose file was approved in less than thirty days. This particular homeowner was initially denied a short sale with a different agent and after taking his home off the market assumed foreclosure was the only option. In my opinion foreclosure should never be an option and thankfully this homeowner gave me a call and we had a short sale approval in only twenty two days. Working with Seterus usually requires a certain amount of patience but once I submit a short sale I do everything possible to make sure it is approved quickly.

If you have questions about your Seterus mortgage, or any other lender, take a minute to fill out a contact form or call me today to learn how I can help answer all of your real estate questions. If you are unsure if a short sale is right for you try out the Short Or Stay Calculator on my website to learn when your home may be an asset again. Thank you for your time today and I hope to hear from you soon at Keller Williams Realty in Roseville and Sacramento.

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