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Recent Success Saves Homeonwner Pile Of Cash Through Nationstar Mortgage Short Sale File

Posted on May 10, 2012 in Roseville and Sacramento Short Sale FAQs

Hello everyone I am Mark Peek, your short sale specialist in Roseville and Sacramento, thank you for checking out my blog today. I work with Keller Williams Realty in the Roseville and Sacramento area and use my blog to provide distressed property owners valuable information on their options for avoiding foreclosure.If you have questions about the short sale process, or can no longer afford your mortgage, visit my website or contact me today to discuss your options.

For my blog today I wanted to talk about working with Nationstar Mortgage on a short sale file and some of the recent files I have worked with. A lot of the Nationstar Mortgage’s I have worked on lately have been owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. On the most recent short sale I completed with Nationstar my client owed four hundred and seventeen thousand dollars on their underwater mortgage. Through negotiating with Nationstar I was able to achieve a payoff of one hundred and seventy two thousand dollars with zero deficiencies owed by the homeowner. Having just received the approval letter for this short sale I can proudly say we were able to remove two hundred and forty thousand dollars worth of debt from this homeowners name. This was a big relief for our client and they will be able to start looking for a new home in Roseville and Sacramento to buy within two to three years.

If you have a Nationstar Mortgage, or any other lender, and are not sure what to do with your underwater mortgage give me a call today to discuss your options. With years of short sale experience in the Roseville and Sacramento area I am the right choice for getting you out from under your distressed property. This is Mark Peek with Keller Williams Realty, thank you for your time and I hope you have a great day.

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