Recent Purchase Of GMAC Portfolio By Ocwen Could Mean Short Sale Success For You

Posted on Nov 21, 2012 in Roseville and Sacramento Short Sale FAQs

Hello everyone Mark Peek here with Keller Williams Realty, your Roseville and Sacramento short sale specialist, thank you for joining me today. I work with Roseville and Sacramento homeowners every day to find the best alternative to foreclosure and use my blog to share valuable information with homeowners in similar situations. If your mortgage is underwater or if you need to sell your distressed property fast please take a minute to browse my website or call me directly to learn how I can help you.

For my blog today I wanted to talk with Roseville and Sacramento homeowners who may have recently had their GMAC mortgage transferred to a company called Ocwen. Word on the street is that Ocwen has purchased the servicing rights for the GMAC mortgage portfolio in Roseville and Sacramento and homeowners should be receiving paperwork in the mail to notify them shortly. If you are in the middle of a short sale it is possible this could cause some speed bumps. Anytime your mortgage service company switches during a short sale you will likely have to start over unless an approval letter has already been sent out. I have plenty of success working with Ocwen over the last few years and have closed numerous short sales on behalf of Roseville and Sacramento homeowners with their staff. Their short sale process is a little odd compared to some lenders but if a short sale is right for you we will use our past success to get you an approval. Whether you have already started a short sale with GMAC or have always had a Ocwen serviced loan I can help you get out from under your mortgage debt today.

Please fill out a contact form on my website or call me directly with any questions you may have in regards to the short sale process or starting your file. On my website you can also find my Short Or Stay Calculator that can help you determine if a short sale is right for you. Thank you for your time today and I look forward to helping you in the future with your Roseville and Sacramento real estate needs.

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Did Bank of America Transfer Your Loan to Ocwen?

Posted on Jul 25, 2012 in Roseville and Sacramento Short Sale FAQs

Hello this is Mark Peek at Keller Williams Real Estate, your Roseville and Sacramento short sale specialist. I wanted to bring to your attention today this may be happening to you or maybe it’s already happened. A lot of our clients are informing us that they are getting letters in the mail stating that Bank of America is transferring a lot of loans or they are being transferred or purchased by other servicers.

One of them we have recently had stated that Bank of America is transferring the loan over to Ocwen. So if you’ve had that happen to you and you are interested in pursuing a short sale, give us a call today. We can definitely get you through that process. It’s a little different with Ocwen, we have obtained lots of short sale approvals with them in the past and they’ve been very workable. They definitely need a little more attention in some areas more so than as compared to other servicers. If you have a mortgage with Bank of America that was transferred to Ocwen and you have some questions about it, give me a call.

If you are considering a short sale and not quite sure if it’s the right decision for you, take advantage of our short or stay calculator that’s on the website. Click on the short or stay icon and it will send you back a report on how long it might take for you to break even on your property again. So this is great information and I’d be happy to follow up with you. Again, I’m Mark Peek With Keller Williams Real Estate, your Roseville and Sacramento short sale specialists and we’re here to help. You can also hit start here at the top of the page and we’ll follow up with you as soon as we can. Thank you very much.

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Do You Need Help With Your Ocwen Short Sale?

Posted on May 1, 2012 in Roseville and Sacramento Short Sale FAQs

Hi this is Mark Peek with Keller William’s Real Estate in Roseville and Sacramento, your short sale specialist for the Roseville and Sacramento area. Thank you for joining us on our short sale blog; today we are going to talk about Ocwen.

If any of you have loans with Ocwen and you are considering a short sale, they are a very interesting company to work with. They actually subservice out their work to East India to handle their short sales. Often times you can’t always call and talk to a short sale negotiator you have to make an appointment with them. This is one of those companies where it’s very important to know the hierarchy inside of Ocwen because it can actually make or break getting your short sale approved in a timely fashion while keeping the buyer in contract.

Overall, they were fairly easy to work with on our last short sale approval; I have other files out with them right now that are running smoothly. If you have any questions specifically on your house or your loan, please give me a call because I’d be happy to talk with you about it. If you are wondering if a short sale might be right for you, please check out the Short Sale Calculator on our website. When you enter in your mortgage and property information it will tell you how long it will be until your home becomes an asset again. A lot of people are using it and realizing just how underwater they are. Some homeowners have discovered that they actually have equity on their homes.

Again, if you have any questions related to your specific situation, Ocwen mortgages or short sales in general please give me a call. I am the short sale specialist for the Roseville and Sacramento area and can meet all of your short sale needs.

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