Speedy Bank of America short sale success -‎‎ My husband and I were relocated overseas and needed to sell our home quickly. After attempting to do a short sale with a different company, we almost lost our home to foreclosure due to their lack of attention to important deadlines and an open line of communication with the short sale negotiators. When Mark took over our case, we immediately noticed a difference. Mark’s reassurance and confidence put us at ease and made the short sale process simple. Not only did Mark keep the line of communication open with the bank, he was also always available for us if we had questions. Mark did what ever he needed to in order to get a hold of us if there was a matter needing urgent attention. The entire process took about four months and we recently closed on our home through the short sale process. Without Mark we would not have succeeded. If you are looking for someone to get the job done quickly and accurately, Mark is the person! We couldn’t be more grateful for Mark and all his hard work. Thank you Mark! – Shauna


A true professional! Seasoned in short sales, Mark knew exactly how to handle the bank and get RESULTS. Couldn’t be happier with my choice to work with him while short selling my home. – Erin


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